20 October 2006


Summary of Podcasts 1-10

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#1 - If I say Kazakhstan what is the first thing you think of?

#2 - Starts to answer the question what Kazakhstan is

#3 - Observing the Kazakhstan Presidential election

#4 - Fellow VSO volunteers tell their Kazakhstan Stories

#5 - How a marshrutka gets you around

#6 - Transport in and around Almaty

#7 - Kazakh Food

#8 - Off to Pioneer camp Komsomol members

#9 - Perceptions of foreigners and a little channel surfing

#10 - Side trip to Uzbekistan (not available at the moment)

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Re. What would you think of if I said Kazakhstan... For many people it will be the Borat film (Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan), BBC World have just broadcast a news report on the film's premiere in London.
Check out http://www.chrismerriman.com/index.php/archives/209 for a video clip of it...
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Cool blog man! My sister was in Kazakhstan in the Peace Corps and married a Kazakh. Just subscribed to your blog on iTunes.
Just stumbled across your podcast. Loving it. Thank you for sharing. It frustrates me that nobody (even now) knows anything about Kazakhstan... for me it is the land of apples, hunting by eagles, the Pyramid of Peace, Operation Sapphire and The Polygon in Semey!
Simon thank you for comment. It is nice to know that my insight still has an audience, even if just a small one, a few years later.

It remains a unique podcaast and one very much based in reality, hopefully presented reasonably well.

It didn't make me famous or rich but it remains something I am extremely proud of as it helps contribute to a greater understanding of the world.
I guess you may want to put a facebook icon to your website. Just bookmarked this site, although I must do it by hand. Simply my advice.
Many thanks.
Hi Stavros, not sure if you're still checking this site, but I have a question about Podcast #9. Who is the singer of the intro song? You mentioned her name, which sounded something like "Kata Yatkav." Google searches turn up nothing. Can you post more information about this artist as well as this intro song? Thanks so much.
Intro to #9 is from Kazakh composer Shamshi Kaldayakov. Here is the Wikipedia:

It has been almost ten years since I created the podcast so I don't remember more than what I stated on the podcast. No idea about the singer.

Thank you for the comment, it's the highlight of my day, to see that after so many years people are enjoying it bring me great pleasure.

It was a challenge to make as it was done when podcasts were new and internet was slower. The experience in part gave me the confidence to pursue a journalism career.

I live in Toronto.

Feel free to email me at: stavros.rougas@gmail.com
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