20 October 2006


Summary of Podcasts 1-10

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#1 - If I say Kazakhstan what is the first thing you think of?

#2 - Starts to answer the question what Kazakhstan is

#3 - Observing the Kazakhstan Presidential election

#4 - Fellow VSO volunteers tell their Kazakhstan Stories

#5 - How a marshrutka gets you around

#6 - Transport in and around Almaty

#7 - Kazakh Food

#8 - Off to Pioneer camp Komsomol members

#9 - Perceptions of foreigners and a little channel surfing

#10 - Side trip to Uzbekistan (not available at the moment)

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16 August 2006


Side trip to Uzbekistan: podcast 10

From East to West in Uzbekistan via Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent. This time in my own words, no mic on this vacation so as to actually enjoy the trip and not attract unwanted attention from the authorities.

Discover the myths of this land rooted in Islam. Uzbekistan is one of the forgotten wonders of our world.

The video (mix of photos, videos and music, 8 worthwhile minutes)

Photos (no longer available)

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04 June 2006


Perceptions of foreigners and a little channel surfing: Podcast #9

Listen to what Kazakhstanies think of Americans, Chinese, Canadians, Russians… plus a touch of the daily language reality, both courtesy of Natasha.

As well I channel surfed the TV for you. Yes it's always for you!

Links I mentioned on the show:

Global Voices On-Line www.globalvoicesonline.org
"seeks to amplify, curate and aggregate the global conversation online - with a focus on countries and communities outside the U.S. and Western Europe. We are committed to developing tools, institutions and relationships that will help all voices everywhere to be heard."

Central Asian blog I contribute to in the Kazakhstan page
www.neweurasia.net (Kazakhstan page kazakhstan.neweurasia.net)

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27 May 2006


Off to Pioneer camp Komsomol members: Podcast #8

Did you dream as an Oktyabryonok to become a Pioneer and a Komsomol member? Ever dream as far as becoming a Communist?

Well too late the USSR is dead, so all you can do it listen about it on this podcast from Natasha’s first hand experience growing up in Northern Kazakhstan.

View photos via kazakhstanstories.blogspot.com
(no longer available)

Podcast was featured on Global Voices Online’s podcast last week. A project funded by Harvard to bring together new media like blogs and podcasts from around the world.

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29 April 2006


Kazakh food – podcast #7

Kazakh food and its Central Asian – USSR influence.

Warning don’t listen on an empty stomach. Plus this time we rock into the podcast to be joined by a special guest.

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07 April 2006


Transport: podcast #6

Transport, with a focus on understanding the cars in Almaty as an economic and social indicator. You might be surprised what this 19th century land of nomads has.

Few photos: (no longer available)

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Note I’m now living in Almaty, Central Asia’s largest city and cosmopolitan in all the senses.


01 March 2006


How a marshrutka gets you around: podcast 5

Learn how a marshrutka gets you around. Plus Kazakh official, Russian lingua franca, get population and language details.

Photos (no longer available)

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STAVROS (CTABPOC in Russian/Kazakh/Ukrainian…)

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