07 April 2006


Transport: podcast #6

Transport, with a focus on understanding the cars in Almaty as an economic and social indicator. You might be surprised what this 19th century land of nomads has.

Few photos: (no longer available)

MP3 in streaming audio:

Note I’m now living in Almaty, Central Asia’s largest city and cosmopolitan in all the senses.


Tashkent is the largest city in Central Asia.
Hey ,

Great blog about a town where I was born! I used to live in Astana for 17 years . Now I live in Boston . :)

Thank you,
Good luck !

Hi Stavros ,

Thank you for responding to my comment :).
Actually real economic-social picture of Kazakhstan is so sad,isn't it ? I mean only ordinary people are suffering from poverty . Yes ,there is poverty . However , national statistics agency office mainly used to provide absolutely wrong information with exaggerated development figures indicating fake progress .
Currently ,I am purchasing my MA degree in Sustainable International development at Brandeis University.
I hope I will be able to make change in the lives of ordinary people in Kazakhstan ... I do love my country, and this love always helps me to remain faithful to my dreams ... :)

Thank you .
take care,
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