29 April 2006


Kazakh food – podcast #7

Kazakh food and its Central Asian – USSR influence.

Warning don’t listen on an empty stomach. Plus this time we rock into the podcast to be joined by a special guest.

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Hi- my name is Katy and I work for Stories of Our City.....an NGO sharing stories (via our website and a weekly podcast) to cultivate community around the globe. We are currently sharing stories from around the world to encourage people to think of each other as a part of common humanity- as well as share the amazing stories of great work to make this world a better place.
We have already produced over 80 stories that vary in length ranging from 3 min. to 10 min. The topics of the stories are varied - surviving bombings to first love.....to growing up in an orphanage. Stories from everyday life to show that all humanity has more in common that what divides us. And reminding us to take action to make the world a better place. We have over 16,000 downloads and growing....
I would like to talk with you about how me might be able to partner with you to share your stories with our audience.
We would of course give you all the credit, link to your website, etc. And we will not post anything without your prior approval.
Enough of me chatting about the project. Please visit our website http://www.storiesofourcity.org or search for us in the Itunes store to listen to the stories we have already posted.

I would love to post some of your stories on our blog, or even feature them on the podcast-
thanks for giving us and audio peek into Kazakhstan-
Katy Gilbert
sorry if you had this comment like 3 times, had some internet issues....
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